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D U EYES - Reasonably priced help with DUI's or other issues with DMV
This is a venue for people who have a recent DUI or are facing other DMV Driver Safety suspensions anywhere in CALIFORNIA.   If you cannot afford legal counsel or aren't sure if you need an attorney, I can help you decide. I am a retired DMV Hearing Officer, NOT an attorney and cannot help you with your court case; however, I am an expert in DMV Administrative Hearings.  Call with questions.
In addition to DUI cases I can also assist and advise with driver's license suspension issues for Physical/Medical issues or Negligent Operator issues - (including commercial drivers) and suspensions for fatalities or fraud.  If you have a hearing, I can tell you all you need to know and what to expect. I can also represent you if you can't attend, or choose not to attend yourself or just want someone to go with you.
I can also work with your attorney on a consultant basis with complicated cases.

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